First Parish in Framingham

24 Vernon Street
Framingham, MA 01701

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Welcome to Religious Exploration at First Parish!


Our cooperative religious exploration program provides a variety of religious experiences to guide faith development in children and youth. Through classes, worship, youth groups, choir, social action opportunities, and multigenerational events, children and youth have many opportunities to experience values basic to Unitarian Universalism. The values of freedom, reason, justice, courage, respect, hope and love are interwoven throughout the curricula. Classes and activities provide a safe place where young people can question and wonder, learn and grow, all the while being supported by a nurturing community.

As we guide them on their own spiritual paths, we hope children and youth gain an appreciation of and respect for the diversity of religious thought. They learn about religious ideas from many sources - our Jewish and Christian heritage, other world religions, UU history - and are guided in developing their own religious perspective so that they can lead honest and ethical lives. We explore with them a faith that can anchor them in times of trouble and lift them in times of joy. Everything we do in this program is grounded in our Unitarian Universalist principles.


The religious exploration program at First Parish seeks to provide an environment which is conducive to nurturing spiritual development, ethical development, faith development, and Unitarian Universalist identity in its children and youth. Throughout the program, we value diversity, justice, respect and compassion. The program aims to:

  • Provide a grounding in Unitarian Universalist identity:

      • Learning our UU principles so that participants can use the principles as a guide to living their lives
      • Understanding our UU heritage (stories from our history and who has come before us)
      • Feeling supported by and a part of a UU community of all ages – this can be accomplished by providing multi-generational worship and fellowship opportunities
  • Contribute to spiritual development:

      • Providing experiences that engender awe and wonder
      • Exploring the “big questions” of life – how did the world start, why am I here, what happens after we die, who is God?
      • Exploring areas such as grief, pain, and how to handle such emotions
      • Encouraging one’s own questioning in supportive environment.