First Parish in Framingham

24 Vernon Street
Framingham, MA 01701

tel: 508-872-3111


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First Parish in Framingham Meeting House

About First Parish in Framingham

First Parish is a vibrant, social justice oriented, liberal religious community located in Framingham, MAssachusetts in the the heart of the Metrowest region, 20 miles west of Boston. Our mid-size congregation of 335 members serves more than 100 children and youth in our religious exploration program and engages more than 50 adults each year as religious exploration teachers, volunteers and advisors.

First Parish in Framingham is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and is part of the Clara Barton and Massachuetts Bay District. The congregation has been a cornerstone on the historic town common in Framingham for more than 300 years. Along with long-standing involvements with social justice causes and environmental responsibility, First Parish has a deep commitment to being a multigenerational community and we are proud to provide a place for children, youth, adults and elders to pursue their lifelong spiritual journey together.

The history of First Parish begins with the founding of the town in 1700 when the Rev. John Swift was called to lead the new Church of Christ in Framingham. In 1830, a split in the church took place and the conservative members went across the street to found the forerunner of the present Plymouth Church, while First Parish became Unitarian. In 1960, the Unitarian Church merged with the Universalist Church in Framingham and ushered in a new chapter in the history of First Parish.

Today we are proud of our outstanding record of accomplishments in education, music and outreach to friends and strangers. In 2000, First Parish voted to become a Welcoming Congregation to express our committment to welcome and support bisexual, gay, lesbian and/or transgender individuals.

First Parish banner at Gay PRide parade

We have a thriving Religious Exploration Program supported by a volunteer Religious Exploration Council (RE Council) that works closely with the DRE in areas of programming, curriculum, teacher support, child and youth engagement activities and policy-making for the RE program. For more information about First Parish in Framingham, explore